About the Founders

Brian Peters is an artist, designer, fabricator, and educator. He earned a Bachelor degree in Studio Art, a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has taught and practiced architecture and design around world, including Chicago, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Pittsburgh.

Brian’s passion lies at the intersection of architecture, art and fabrication, and his work explores patterns, textures and forms that show evidence of both the artist’s hand and the marks of the tools used. He not interested in the perfection of machine-made objects, but rather the art of integrating digital coding, custom-built technology, contemporary aesthetics and natural clay.

Brian has exhibited work in invited exhibitions across the world, including the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco and the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics in Taiwan. He has also completed a number of commissioned projects, including one funded by the National Endowment of the Arts. His work in this field is widely publicized and has received several prestigious awards.

About Building Bytes

Building Bytes, based in Pittsburgh, combines a traditional building material (ceramics) with a new fabrication technique (3D printing) to re-think ancient building components (blocks and tiles). 

At Building Bytes, each block and tile is 3D printed individually, allowing us to fabricate complex forms within which each piece can be unique. This work is suited for commercial, residential and public large-scale installations or smaller scale wall art.

This body of work started during a ceramics residency in the Netherlands in 2012 with small scale prototypes and several proofs of concept. It now exists as a thriving studio practice with several completed full-scale works and more in progress. 

Daphne Peters is a designer and educator who holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Design and Art Direction from Elisava in Barcelona, Spain. Through her diverse international work experience, she has gained expertise in the design of experiences, interactions and objects. Her role in Building Bytes includes design, marketing and administration.